About us

We Shree Krishna Food Equipments PVT. LTD established in the year 1997.  We specialise in Concession Equipment’s like Popcorn Machines, Nachos merchandisers, Hot & Cold Display, Hot Dog grillers and other equipments for cinemas, Multiplexes, Restaurant & Food courts and allied raw materials like corn, popcorn flavours, toppings and paper based products.

We started with introduction of USA Corn for Popcorn in India in 1997 when popcorn was not a much favourite snack in India. Then we introduced different Popcorn Flavours, Seasonings and Toppings. When multiplexes started coming in India it brought best quality poppers in India made by C.Creators and Co. USA, who  invented the first popcorn  machine in 1885. It has popcorn machines that suits all the needs from home to commercial theatre to high volume commercial production and everything in between.

As we wanted to bring world’s other best quality equipments and raw materials in Indian cinemas, we took distribution of different companies, who were world leaders in their line of products and gradually over the period it became a single window solution for all of cinema concession needs. All of its products are backed by complete factory warranties, and lifelong services.

We Shree Krishna Food Equipments PVT. LTD are the most trusted name in the domestic cinema industry and we have emerged to be a pre-emanate supplier of food ingredients & machineries for concessions. A unique combination of commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and technology infusion with contracting expertise has made us what we are today in the process and carves out a niche of distinguished place in the market by being the only company in India offering such a wide range of products for cinema concessions and somehow becoming a single window solution.

At Shree Krishna Food Equipments PVT. LTD, we want to be 100%  satisfied with every purchase you make and will do everything in our capacity to make sure you are a satisfied customer. We have a very high customer satisfaction rate, with a nearly 100% positive feedback rating.


SHREE KRISHNA FOOOD EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD over the years have been able to keep competition much away and have become emerged as a leading name in concession products. We have achieved this position owing to various factors; some of them being :

  • Best quality products picked from all around the world
  • Highly competitive price
  • On time deliveries and timely service
  • Continuous Innovation, new products developments and up gradation


We provide professional services with personal care to our each and every customer and are commited toward total customer satisfaction by ensuring quality product with good and timely delivery of services to our esteemed customers.






SKFES is specialized in providing complete solution to concession at Cinemas/Multiplexes, Food Court, Hotels, Fast Food providing equipments and supplies like Imported Corn for Popcorn, Flavours like Caramel , Buttersalt, Cheese, Tomato etc ; Popcorn Tubs ; Trays ; Popcorn cones ; Popcorn machines; Popcorn warmers; Caddy Trays for theatre customers; Service Trays for sales team;  Cotton Candy machine;  Hot/cold Displays, Nacho Warmers etc...

Its customers included all the big names in Indian cinemas/multiplexes. All best cinema counters here has its equipments and supplies